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Landlord-Tenant Law in Colorado

Whether you’re a landlord trying to evict a tenant or a tenant trying to fight for your rights, dealing with landlord-tenant laws in Colorado can be a complex and confusing matter. In particular, if you’re a landlord, determining whether you are following the appropriate procedures to evict your tenant is an important part of performing an eviction. Courts in Colorado strictly construe the landlord-tenant laws meaning that if you don’t comply with the laws, the court could throw your eviction proceeding out, delaying the eviction process further and giving your tenant more time to stay on your property.

Conversely, if you’re a tenant, ensuring that your landlord is following the appropriate procedure will prevent you from being improperly evicted and allow you to prevent your landlord from doing things such as removing your property from the premises, keeping your property that was on the premises, and making deductions from your security deposit that you’re not liable for.

Whether you’re an attorney or a landlord, if you’re dealing with a landlord-tenant issue in Colorado or Denver, the assistance of an attorney can help guide you through the process and ensure that the appropriate procedure is being followed and that your rights are being enforced.

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