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The Attorney

Jordan Porter is the founder and principal of J.D. Porter, LLC. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado, Boulder for his undergraduate degree, graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 2009 with a double-major in chemistry and biochemistry, and a minor in business.

After graduating, Mr. Porter spent time researching the chemical nature of Parkinson’s disease in a university laboratory and working at a biotechnology startup aimed at developing point of care diagnostic medical devices.

Mr. Porter then attended The George Washington University Law School located in Washington, DC, a nationally respected law school ranked in the top 20 at the time of his attendance. Mr. Porter graduated with his law degree in 2013.

While in law school, Mr. Porter interned for the Denver District Attorney’s Office, worked for the Federal Communications Commission, was a senior articles editor for the school’s Federal Circuit Bar Journal, and handled various federal wage and hour cases as a member of the school’s Public Justice Advocacy Clinic.

Mr. Porter was licensed to practice law in Colorado in November of 2013 and started J.D. Porter, LLC in 2014. He has also passed the United States Patent and Trademark Office registration examination and is a registered patent attorney.

In 2016, after law school, Mr. Porter completed a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus where, as part of his master’s project, he performed intellectual property analyses for two new medical technologies the university was developing.


The Firm

J.D. Porter, LLC is a sole practitioner law firm located in Denver, Colorado aimed at providing high-quality, efficient, and innovative legal services for people and businesses that are in need of legal assistance.

The firm accomplishes this by working closely with its clients, utilizing an efficient business structure, leveraging technology, and intelligently using legal research resources to render excellent legal services for its clients.

The lean and light structure of J.D. Porter, LLC gives it an advantage over traditional law firm business models that have large overhead costs. A leaner and more efficient structure makes it more affordable for people to obtain legal services and, in turn, makes it more feasible to dedicate more time and energy to a particular client’s case.

This results in a unique and more personable approach with each case and each client of the firm. Whereas some law firms require a high volume caseload and quick settlements in order to survive, J.D. Porter, LLC focuses its resources on a smaller number of cases which results in more preparation and more thorough services for the client.

J.D. Porter, LLC is particularly useful for cases that require deep dives and time consuming analysis of complex legal issues. Using a traditional large law firm for these types of time intensive cases can be cost prohibitive for the client since large overhead costs are simply passed along to the client in the form of exorbitant, and often unjustified hourly rates.



J.D. Porter, LLC handles a variety of legal subject matter but focuses mainly on civil cases. Click below to expand a list of notable cases the firm has handled.

Examples of Cases

  • Drafted and managed the legal process for a unique charter amendment in the Town of Timnath, Colorado. The amendment had the effect of prohibiting an unwanted Topgolf in the area by banning excessively tall fences. Local commentators praised the legal approach as ingenious, and Mr. Porter was interviewed in the local news. The charter amendment received overwhelming public approval, with nearly 70% of the vote.
  • Achieved a significant appellate win overturning a dismissal order in a complex natural gas contract dispute involving intricate procedural issues. The dispute spanned over 10 years of litigation, over 10 separate legal cases and appeals, and over $8 million in damages asserted in a prior trial. The appeal victory was covered in a LexisNexis article.
  • Successfully assisted a client with navigating a $1.135 million contractual dispute as a debtor in the complex bankruptcy of another company previously valued at $3.4 billion.
  • Compelled a city, in a newsworthy case and after several favorable rulings, to place recently approved $35 million city offices in Aspen, Colorado to a vote of the people where the city previously denied referendum rights on the offices.
  • Represented Lotte Radoor in a David vs. Goliath, high-profile lawsuit against the approval of a $20 million Topgolf facility in Thornton, Colorado. Despite neighborhood opposition, the city council had approved the development anyway. Mr. Porter obtained an order overturning Topgolf’s permits as a violation of zoning laws, forcing Topgolf to pursue an alternative location.
  • Achieved a favorable settlement for a defendant in a Colorado Uniform Debt-Management Services Act lawsuit where the defendant faced potentially $1.3 million in damages.
  • Took over a highly contested, local media followed dispute with a government housing authority relating to the forced sale of a $1 million residential property and discovered serious procedural violations by the housing authority resulting in a favorable settlement for the client.
  • Successfully enforced a plaintiff’s non-compete agreement in a complex business dispute relating to mineral right acquisition leads which spanned multiple cases and involved multiple trade secret and interference with contract claims.
  • Vacated a $90,000 judgment over 6 years old where, after a contested evidentiary hearing, the judgment was found void due to lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendant.
  • Stopped the execution of an eviction at an emergency hearing where the eviction had already commenced but the writ of restitution had been issued without proper jurisdiction.
  • Successfully represented a City of Aurora employee in a Career Services administrative appeal on the basis that she was unfairly terminated due to lack of just cause.
  • Assisted and represented multiple clients in family law cases, including dissolution of marriage actions and requests for allocation of parental responsibility.
  • Assisted and represented multiple clients in small claims cases, including representing them at trial, helping them prepare for trial, and developing case strategy.

Personal Interaction

Because of the structure of the firm, J.D. Porter personally handles the client’s case resulting in a high degree of familiarity with the case and personal interaction with the client.



J.D. Porter uses a highly efficient firm structure to avoid unnecessary overhead costs and passes those savings on to the client in the form of reasonable hourly rates.

Quality Results

J.D. Porter interacts on a personal level with its clients allowing the firm to become highly familiarized with the client’s case and, in turn, generate effective and high-quality results.