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If interested in legal services please send a message with a short description of your case using the form below or send an email to jdporter@jdporterlaw.com.


Please note that contacting J.D. Porter, LLC does not mean the firm has agreed to represent you. Representation will be determined at the initial consultation.

Personal Interaction

Because of the structure of the firm, J.D. Porter personally handles all aspects of a client’s case resulting in a high degree of familiarity with the case and personal interaction with the client.



J.D. Porter efficiently uses local legal resources, such as those available through the Colorado Bar Association, to avoid unnecessary costs and passes those savings on to the client in the form of reasonable hourly rates.

Quality Results

By interacting on a personal level with its clients, J.D. Porter is able to become highly familiarized with the facts of a particular client’s case which, in turn, generates effective and high quality results.