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If you are seeking specific legal advice or answers to specific legal questions through a consultation please schedule one below for the desired time at the indicated rate. Otherwise, general inquiries for representation may be emailed to jdporter@jdporterlaw.com.

Note that any payments for consultations scheduled below are considered an engagement retainer fee, meaning they are payments made to ensure the firm will be available at the scheduled time – or, if necessary, a rescheduled time – to discuss your case.

Accordingly, the engagement retainer fee is considered earned upon receipt and is payment for the scheduled consultation only. Payment of the fee does not create an ongoing attorney-client relationship nor does it mean the firm has agreed to represent you in your case, which will be discussed at the meeting.

Personal Interaction

Because of the structure of the firm, J.D. Porter personally handles the client’s case resulting in a high degree of familiarity with the case and personal interaction with the client.



J.D. Porter uses a highly efficient firm structure to avoid unnecessary overhead costs and passes those savings on to the client in the form of reasonable hourly rates.

Quality Results

J.D. Porter interacts on a personal level with its clients allowing the firm to become highly familiarized with the client’s case and, in turn, generate effective and high-quality results.