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The Firm

J.D. Porter, LLC is a sole practitioner law firm located in Denver, Colorado that was founded by, and is run by Jordan Porter, a graduate of the nationally respected George Washington University Law School. The firm is aimed at providing high quality, efficient, and innovative legal services for people and businesses that are in need of legal assistance.

J.D. Porter accomplishes this by working closely with its clients, utilizing an efficient business structure, leveraging technology, and intelligently using legal research services to avoid unnecessary costs that are inherent in other, outdated law firm business models.

Additionally, this structure allows J.D. Porter to take a unique, more intensive approach with each case. Whereas some law firms require a high volume caseload and quick settlements in order to survive, J.D. Porter focuses its resources on a smaller number of cases which results in more intensive preparation and more thorough services for the client.

Personal Interaction

Because of the structure of the firm, J.D. Porter personally handles all aspects of a client’s case resulting in a high degree of familiarity with the case and personal interaction with the client.



J.D. Porter efficiently uses local legal resources, such as those available through the Colorado Bar Association, to avoid unnecessary costs and passes those savings on to the client in the form of reasonable hourly rates.

Quality Results

By interacting on a personal level with its clients, J.D. Porter is able to become highly familiarized with the facts of a particular client’s case which, in turn, generates effective and high quality results.