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J.D. Porter, LLC handles a variety of legal cases, including civil cases, complex litigation, business litigation, appeals, criminal cases, administrative hearings, landlord-tenant cases, family law cases, and small claims cases. The scope of representation and agreement of representation will be determined at the initial consultation.

Please contact the firm if interested in legal services.

Examples of Cases
  • Compelled a city, in a newsworthy case and after several favorable rulings, to place recently approved $35 million city offices to a vote of the people where the city previously denied referendum rights on the offices
  • Successfully overturned a city council decision regarding the development of a $20 million outdoor commercial golfing facility, the outcome of which was reported in the local news
  • Represented a defendant in a highly complex lawsuit relating to the construction of an approximately $15 million leading edge waste-to-energy facility
  • Lead defense attorney on a Colorado Uniform Debt-Management Services Act lawsuit where the defendant faced potentially $1.3 million in damages
  • Vacated a $90,000 judgment over 6 years old where, after an evidentiary hearing, the judgment was found void due to lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendant
  • Successfully litigated a plaintiff’s complex business dispute cases involving trade secret and interference with contract claims where an employee resigned and later capitalized on company mineral rights acquisition leads
  • Overturned the majority of a monetary judgment on appeal where the trial court made clearly erroneous factual findings and improperly worded the judgment resulting in the defendants being unable to sell their home
  • Stopped the execution of an eviction at an emergency hearing where the eviction had already commenced but the writ of restitution had been issued without proper jurisdiction
  • Represented a defendant facing speed exhibition charges, also known as street racing, in a criminal jury trial in Aurora municipal court
  • Successfully represented a City of Aurora employee in a Career Services administrative appeal on the basis that she was unfairly terminated due to lack of just cause
  • Assisted and represented multiple clients in family law cases, including dissolution of marriage actions and requests for allocation of parental responsibility
  • Assisted and represented multiple clients in small claims cases, including representing them at trial, helping them prepare for trial, and developing case strategy

Personal Interaction

Because of the structure of the firm, J.D. Porter personally handles all aspects of a client’s case resulting in a high degree of familiarity with the case and personal interaction with the client.



J.D. Porter efficiently uses local legal resources, such as those available through the Colorado Bar Association, to avoid unnecessary costs and passes those savings on to the client in the form of reasonable hourly rates.

Quality Results

By interacting on a personal level with its clients, J.D. Porter is able to become highly familiarized with the facts of a particular client’s case which, in turn, generates effective and high quality results.